George B. Catallo, the ‘Whiskey Jedi’, is a freelance spirits writer, consultant, and reviewer from Rochester, NY. His experience in the Wine & Spirits industry started when he was freshly 21 years old and has been spread across nearly every aspect of the industry.

He has been the Floor & Social Media Manager for Parkway Wine and Liquor in Greece, NY for the past 8 years and has also been the Manager of Veritas Wine Bar at Alexander Park, an Assistant Distiller for a craft distillery, a Brand Ambassador for a craft distillery, and has been a judge in numerous national and international spirits competitions. You will find his writings about everything from technical production pieces to distillery spotlights in Artisan Spirit Magazine.

His favorite whiskey styles are Single Malts (be they Japanese, Scotch, or American), American Rye, and Irish Whiskey. He’s no stranger to a contemporary gin, either.

Photo: George hugging a barrel of Journeyman Distillery’s Silver Cross Whiskey that he selected for Parkway Wine & Liquor in front of the ‘Great Wall of Whiskey’